Work out if you have enough cover to support your family and pay off your debts in the event that you die while a Unilever employee

Unilever UK Pension Fund provides your family with

Lump sum of 4 x your salary. This can be increased to up to 8 x your salary.


Pensions for your partner and children


Refund of the contributions you have made towards both your Final Salary and Career average pension.


All the money saved in your Investing Plan account

How it works

This tool can help you work out how much money your family might need if you die. It also gives you the option to look at the cover you might need to pay off your mortgage and any other debts if you die. It doesn't allow for any money to cover University tuition or maintenance fees for your children. If your children go to University, it should be possible for them to take out a student loan to cover these costs.

Hopefully, you can see how the tool works out the figures so you can change them if needed. This tool uses estimates based on figures effective in 2020. The tool makes an approximation to determine the possible value of the contributions you have paid into the Final Salary and Career average sections of the UUKPF and the Unilever Investing Plan. It does not use live data. It also does not take account of any other pensions you may have. These pensions could be available for your partner to support them when they retire.

You should keep the amount of life insurance you have under review. In particular, you should check you have enough if you have another child or if your circumstances change. The output from this tool is not a specific personal recommendation. It does not constitute independent financial advice and should not be taken as such.